26th International Space Development Conference - 2007

"From Old Frontiers to New: Celebrating 50 Years of Space Flight "
Dallas, Texas
May 25-28, 2007

As the saying goes, “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and this was certainly evident as the 26th annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) convened in Dallas this past Memorial Day weekend.  For 26 years running, ISDC has served as the National Space Society’s primary annual gathering and ISDC 2007 was no exception, bringing together one of the largest groups of space industry leaders, trendsetters, activists and supporters in recent memory.

It is also said that few regions embody the bold, pioneering spirit and frontier-seeking legacy of the United States with quite the zeal of Texas. The North Texas chapter of NSS confirmed this perception by hosting a memorable ISDC that enthusiastically explored virtually every facet of humanity’s last and most promising frontier.

Presentations at ISDC 2007 ranged from top NASA scientists and decision makers to the key behind–the-scenes players who make possible the agency’s wide range of initiatives and projects.  The burgeoning private space industry sent its best and brightest to present their visions for near- and long-term personal spaceflight, along with the leading financial backers whose support brings vision to reality.

ISDC attendees were treated to exciting presentations by two influential Texas congressmen, several NASA center directors along with numerous scientists and astronauts from the agency, leaders from pioneering private ventures such as Virgin Galactic and Armadillo Aerospace, space exploration legends Buzz Aldrin, Rusty Schweickart and Harrison Schmitt, representatives from international space programs and countless others.

Standard ISDC fare was joined by a host of surprises this year, including the first-ever ISDC presentation made jointly in the “real world” and in the virtual online realm of “Second Life.”   Continuing the focus on innovative communications channels, the inaugural ISDC Bloggers Summit was held at ISDC 2007, drawing many of the Web’s leading bloggers and freelance writers to a discussion of the roles played by Internet media outlets in the rapidly-changing space movement.