Texas was once the frontier for the expansion of Western civilization; Cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth were established and prospered. In 2007, North Texas will be the place to focus on the cultural and technological frontier of tomorrow -- space.

"From Old Frontiers to New: Celebrating 50 years of Space Flight"

Texas has stood at many frontiers in history, and is proud to be in the forefront of our efforts in the space frontier. Many agendas are being pursued in this new frontier, and efforts are accelerating to establish a presence there. Our knowledge of both the risks and benefits of living in the Solar system are increasing as a dizzying pace. New launch systems are springing up all around. The competition for space skills and technology is increasing, providing new opportunities at every turn.

This year's conference, "From old Frontiers to New: Celebrating 50 Years " is themed on the settlement and development of this new frontier. In the spirit of the new frontier, the three feature track running the length of the conference are: Frontier Transport (to, through, and from space); Moon and Cislunar Space Development; and the Martian Frontier. In addition, the conference will feature many one- and two-day tracks on important topics such as: The Solar System Frontier; International Space Station Science; Space Medicine; Space Law; Space Business; and Space Humanities.

Come to the Hotel InterContinental in Dallas to meet the next generation of cowboys, ranchers and entrepreneurs who seek prosperity in the black prairie amongst the stars. From cattle drives to ion drives and more, bring the family to have fun and learn how the new frontier will transform the old one!