Special Events

ISDC will offer an exciting lineup of special events this year, including the Space Venture Finance Symposium, the Gala Dinner, memorable tours and much more. From the high frontier to high cuisine, ISDC 2007 has something for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Armadillo Aerospace will be bringing a Quad, the vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, to ISDC. The Quad vehicles were built by space entrepreneur John Carmack and his team from Armadillo Aerospace of Mesquite, Texas. One of the Quads, Pixel, just recently competed in the Wirefly X Prize Cup in Las Cruces New Mexico in October.
  • The Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) will be holding their spring conference in conjunction with ISDC this year. The conference will run May 22-24 at the ISDC hotel. The theme will be, “Earth Orbit support for Earth and Outgoing Exploration.” For additional information on ATWG and their spring conference click here.  
  • ISDC is proud to support the James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest. This writing contest encourages people to dream of the future by writing a short story based in the near future of manned space exploration in a positive, exciting and hopeful way. The winner will be an honored guest at the ISDC Gala Awards Dinner. Additional information on the James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest can be found at www.williamledbetter.com/contest.htm