Confirmed Featured Speakers and Guests

Congressman Nick Lampson

United States Congress, Texas 22 Congressional District

John Carmack

CEO, Armadillo Aerospace

General Simon 'Pete' Worden

Director, NASA Ames Research Center

Michael Coats

Center Director, NASA Johnson Space Center

Hugh Downs

Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors and legendary broadcaster & author

Buzz Aldrin

Lunar module pilot for Apollo 11 and former Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors

Rusty Schweickart

Apollo 9 Astronaut and Chairman, B612 Foundation

Senator Harrison "Jack" Schmitt

Apollo 17 Mission Scientist and former U.S. Senator

Dr. Steve Squyres

Principal Scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Jeff Volosin

Manager, NASA Lunar Exploration Strategy Group

Alex Tai

Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Galactic

Rick Homans

New Mexico's Secretary of Economic Development; Leader in formation of NM Spaceport

Shannon Lucid

Astronaut, Scientist

Laurie Leshin

Director of Sciences and Exploration, NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center

Don Pettit

NASA Astronaut

George T. Whitesides

Executive Director of the National Space Society

Gwynne Shotwell

Vice President Business Development, Space Exploration Technologies

Paul Spudis

Geologist and Lunar Scientist

Eric Anderson

President and CEO of Space Adventures, Ltd

John Higginbotham

Chairman (ret), SpaceVest

Peter Banks

Partner, Red Planet Capital

Art Dula

Pioneering Space Lawyer, Heinlein Prize Trust Trustee

Lori Garver

Former Associate Administrator for Policy and Plans at NASA

Scott Hubbard

Former Director of NASA Ames Research Center; Carl Sagan Chair at the SETI Institute

Gary Hudson

Founder of Rotary Rocket Company and t/space

Jim Benson

Founder, Chairman and President, Benson Space Company

George French


Tim Pickens

President of Orion Propulsion

Robert Zubrin

President of the Mars Society

Dr. Donna Shirley

Former Mars Exploration Program Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Stu Witt

Mojave Spaceport Manager

Greg Kulka

Director-Alternative Investments Portfolio, New Mexico State Investment Council

Alan Hale

Discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp

Stephen Fleming

Angel Investor and Board of Directors; XCOR Aerospace; Chief Commercialization Officer, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Alain Bensoussan

Former head of the European Space Agency (ESA)

Ben Bova

Science Fiction Author and Editor

Professor Guenter Nimtz

University of Cologne, Germany