In addition to the stellar array of Plenary Speakers (see the Speakers page for Plenary Speakers), ISDC 2007 offers the following Track programming (all speakers shown are confirmed):

Frontier Transport: to space - in space - from space
Track Chair: John K. Strickland, Jr.

Friday, May 25
• Risk & Space Tourism - Derek Webber
• Selecting Launch Sites for Adventure - Wayne Finger
• NASTAR (Private Space Travel Training) Center - Alex Howerton
• Infrastructure for Civilian Space Training Center - Marshall Gardner
Joint Session with Moon Track:
• Lunar Logistics & Program Survival - John Strickland
• Reactions to NASA's Lunar Exploration Architecture -Options & Alternatives - David Dunlop
• PANEL:  LUNAR BASE - TRANSPORT &  LOGISTICS   (Practical and Economic Issues) - John Strickland et al

Saturday, May 26
• Electromagnetic Launchers - Ian McNab
• Ram Accelerator (Related to Light Gas Gun) - Carl Knowleen
• Update on Superconductivity & Applications - Giovanni Grasso
• SKY DOCK (Magnetic Capture & Injection) - Phillip Putnam
• Space Elevators for Earth & Moon - Jerome Pearson
• Panel: Other Ways to Space

Sunday, May 27
• A Realistic and Viable Path to Space (To LEO) - Robert Talmadge
• A Heavy Hauler to the Moon - Air Launch - Carleton L. Rhoades
• Low Cost Propulsion Solutions: Commercial History of Liquids & Hybrids - Tim Pickins
• Panel: Who Will Solve! (the cheap HLV Problem - Cargo CATS)
• Basics of Orbital Mechanics - Seth Potter
• Fusion Power/Fusion Drives (Bussard Tech) - Tom Ligon

The Lunar Frontier - Moon & Cislunar Space Development
In Association with The Moon Society
Track Chairs: Peter Kokh, Dave Dunlop and Ken Murphy

Friday, May 25
• Value of LEO Propellant Depot for Lunar Exploration - Dallas Bienhoff
• The Challenge of Commercial Cis-Lunar Development: Where We Are, Where We Want to Go, and Some Thoughts on How to Get From Here to There - Jon Goff
• Orbital Characteristics of Very Large Flexible Structures - Jim Dempsey
• The Roadmap of Cislunar Space - Ken Murphy
Joint Session with Transport Track:
• Lunar Logistics & Program Survival - John Strickland
• Reactions to NASA's Lunar Exploration Architecture -Options & Alternatives - David Dunlop
• PANEL:  LUNAR BASE - TRANSPORT &  LOGISTICS   (Practical and Economic Issues) - John Strickland et al

Saturday, May 26
• NASA's Lunar Exploration Architecture Planning: Mapping Objectives, Missions & Architecture for the Science Mission, Exploration Systems & Operations Directorates - Laurie Leshin
• Inflatable Deployable Structures for NASA Exploration - Cliff Wiley
• Finding Lunar Polar Ice: Next Orbiters & Ground Truth at the Lunar Poles - Paul Spudis
• Moon Rush - Reasons for Lunar Development - Dennis Wingo
• The University of Luna Project: A Catalyst for Lunar Research & Education - Peter Kokh & David Dunlop
• Let's Go to the Moon & Set Up Shop - Rick Tumlinson

Sunday, May 27
• Extreme Environment Food Production: Operating the South Pole's Food Growth Chamber - Lane Patterson
• Planning a Lunar Greenhouse - Phil Sadler
• Concrete from Lunar In Situ Resources - T.D. Lin
• Inflatable Deployable Structures for NASA Exploration - Jerome Pearson
• Demonstrating Large Facility Computer Automation in Analog Lunar Habitat Operation - Michael Bakk
• Research-Goal Driven Modular Lunar Analog Plans - Peter Kokh
• Lunar Development Synthesis Session: Lessons Learned - Ken Murphy, Peter Kokh et al

The Martian Frontier: Mars or Bust
In Association with the Dallas Mars Society
Track Chairs: Derek & April Andreas

Friday, May 25
• Virtual prototyping of a piloted Mars Lander - Mark Paton
• The Four-Month High Arctic Mars Mission - Dr. Robert Zubrin
• MarsDrive - Bruce MacKenzie
• Why a Humans-to-Mars Mission Costs Over $50 Billion NASA-Bucks... And How We Can Do Much Better! - Brian Enke (non-4FC)
• Artistic and robotic principles for the synthesis of Martians for Mars exploration - Shogo Yonekura and Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Saturday, May 26
• Mars Exploration Entry, Descent and Landing Challenges - Dr. Robert Braun
• Phobos and Deimos as Stepping Stones Between the Moon and Mars - Dr. Pascal Lee
• 4Frontiers Corporation – Creating a Path for the Settlement of Mars - Joe Palaia
• Sensitivity and Trade Studies for Mars Cargo and Crew Transportation - Grant Bonin
• Virtue and the Opening of a New World - Bishop James Heiser
• The Social and Political Structure of an Early Martian Colony - Kurt Chankaya

Sunday, May 27
• The Phoenix Mission - Peter Smith
• The Effect On National Security of a Modification in the President's Space Initiative Regarding Mars - John Boyton
• Mars EDL Architecture / Spaceport Design and Powered Descent Terrain Mapping for Pinpoint Landing - Jeremy Sotzen
• Finding Useful Minerals and Mining on Mars Isn’t That Easy - Vernon Kramer
• Fiction on the Martian Frontier: Behind the Scenes of the 4Frontiers Fiction Writing Project - Brian Enke

International Space Station (ISS) Science
International Space Station Research: From the Exploration Vision to a National Laboratory
In Association with NASA Johnson Space Center
Track Chair: Dr. Julie Robinson, acting ISS Program Scientist

Friday, May 25
• Research on the ISS: Current Accomplishments & Future Potential - Dr. Julie Robinson
• The ISS at Assembly Complete: NASA, National Laboratory, and Int'l Research Partner
• Extra-Terrestrial Medical Care: Earth Applications
• Space Nutrition Lessons from the ISS and Implications for Future
• Coarsening of Solid-Liquid Mixtures
• Particle & Smoke Detection on ISS for Next Generation Smoke Detectors
• Capillary Flow on ISS
• ISS Participation in the International Polar Year
• Gravity Dependent Combustion & Fluids Research: From Drop Towers to Aircraft to the ISS

Saturday, May 26
• Physics of Colloids Experiments on the ISS
• The Crew Earth Observation Experiment: Earth System Science from the ISS
• Characterization of Microorganisms in Spacecraft Environments
• Effects of Spaceflight on Microbial Gene Expression & Virulence
• Results from the Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment Onboard MISSE-5
• NASA Glenn Research Center's MISSE ISS Experiments
• Progress in Spacecraft Environment Interactions: ISS Operations and Development
• Lessons Learned From ISS Operations

Space Settlement
Track Chair: Anita E. Gale and Dick Edwards

Friday, May 25
• Space Settlement in the Context of Human History - Kohl
• Space Settlement Economics & Advocacy - Mark Hopkins
• Panel: What's Going on NOW Toward Settlements in Space
• Triggering Events for Space Settlement - Gale/Edwards
• Human Expansion Triway into Space - Peter Kokh
• Contests/Competitions Available for Student Participation in Space Settlement Design - Gale/Edwards
• Involving the Arts in Space - Pietronigro / Burgess

Saturday, May 26
• The Antarctic Base is not a Good Model for the Lunar Base - Brown
• Closing the Life Support Loop: What is Stopping Us? - Janes
• Orbital Fuel Depot - Dallas Bienhoff
• Solar Power Satellites - Darel Preble
• Back to the Moon by 2015 - This Time to Stay: How to Assure Early Human Presence Toward a Permanent Moon Base - Heiss
• Architecting the Future: Thinking Outside the Box - Gary Barnhard

Sunday, May 27
• Evolutionary Psychology and its Implications for the Future of Humans in Space - Bell
• Earthlings on Mars: The Physiological Psychology of Cultural Change - Strongin/Reese/Summers
• How to Settle the Solar System in 3 Easy Steps - Holmes
• NSS/Ames Space Settlement Contest Winners

Spaceflight Law & Insurance
Track Chair: Doug Griffith

Friday, May 25
• Liability and Risk Management for Spaceflight Companies - Doug Griffith
• ITARs - Kerry Scarlott
• Insurance for Launch Operators and Builders - Kelly Alton
• Insurance for Launch Operators and Builders - Ralph Harp

Space Business
Track Chair: Clifford McMurray

Saturday, May 26
• Developments in the COTS Program - Panel Discussion with Participants - Alan Lindenmoyer / SpaceX / Rocketplance Kistler
• Prospects for Financial Success of Commercial Transportation Services to the ISS - Dominic DePasquale
• OTHER TRANSACTIONS: Space Act Agreements and Partnering with NASA - David Schuman
• FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation: Latest Developments - Dr. George Nield, FAA AST
• What Entrepreneurial Launch Companies are Looking for in a Spaceport - Wayne Finger
• Reality Check: Lunar Commerce 2007: How to Be Taken Seriously - Dr. David  Livingston

Sunday, May 27
• Exopolitical Implications, Commerce, Mining Ops and Historical Preserves on the Moon and Mars - Dr. Joseph A. Resnick
• Attracting Capital: What Most Space Startups STILL Don't Understand - Thomas Andrew Olson
• Immediate Market Applications of a Cheap-Launch Technology - Benjamin Joseph
• Rocketplane Kitsler - topic TBD - Charles Lauer
• Fill 'Er Up: Economic Analysis of A Lunar In_Situ Resource Utilization Propellant Services Market - Dominic DePasquale
• Barely affordable SPS using ISRU in LEO - Paul Roseman
• Synergies Between Earth and Space Businesses - Dennis Wingo
• Web based collaborative engineering design and documentation - Mitchell James

Space Education I
In Association with NASA Johnson Space Center
Track Chair: Angelo Casaburri

All sessions in this track limited to 30 participants per session.

Friday, May 25 and Sunday, May 27
Each session offered twice in conference. Contact us at [email protected] to reserve a slot.

• Engineering Design Challenges 1:  Spacecraft Structures (Fri/Sun)
• Robonautics: Humans and Robots (Fri/Sun)
• Engineering Design Challenges 2:  Thermal Protection Systems (Fri/Sun)
• Exploring the Solar System (Fri/Sun)

Saturday, May 26 and Monday, May 28
• Rocks From Space  (a.k.a. Lunar and Meteorite Science and Certification)

Space Education II

Friday, May 25
• Teaching from Space: Utilizing the ISS as the Ultimate Platform for Education - Jon Neubauer
• Amateur Radio Communications with ISS - Inspiring Youth through Direct Connection with the ISS Crew - Frank Bauer/Ken Ransom
• NASA Glenn Research Center & Hathaway Brown School Collaborative MISSE Experiments - Kim deGroh
• Past, Present, and Future ISS Research for Educational, Commercial and Basic Science Purposes - Louis Stodieck/Stephanie Countryman
• Developing the Future Leaders of the Global Space Community: International Space University at 20 - Steven Brody
• Teachers in Space - Space Frontier Foundation
• Personal Robotics - Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Sunday, May 27
• Spacey CDs for Education
• An Educational Computer Game Effictiveness Study
• Playing in Space: Interactive Education with the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
• World Space Expo 2007: Educational Programs

Space Outreach/Activism
Track Chair: Bart Leahy

Saturday, May 26
• Climate Control: An acceptable Reason for a Vigorous Space Program - Pearson
• Selling Space: The Waterfall Approach to Public Outreach - Plaxco
• How to Talk Space with the General Public - Livingston
• The Save for your Seat to Orbit (SST)) Project - Holmes
• New Space Advocacy: The MarsDrive Approach - Fulton • Selling Space - Leahy
• eSpace Tickets World Space Week Students & Teachers - Webb
• Panel - Chapter Outreach tactics - Leahy, Fulton, Plaxco, Dyson, McMurry

Monday, May 28
• NSS Town Hall Meeting - George Whitesides

Faster-than-Lightspeed Communications and Travel
Track Chair: Bill Gardiner

Sunday, May 27
For the "and Beyond" part of the President's "Moon, Mars and Beyond" Vision for Space Exploration (VSE), we examine recent claims of breakthroughs in faster-than lightspeed (FTc) communications and the development of the advanced concepts required for travel. Prof. Guenter Nimtz of the University of Cologne, Germany, conducts a laboratory-scale demonstration of FTc communications and explains the underlying concepts in  applied photonics.

• Gravity Modification - Benjamin T. Solomon
• FTL Communications Demo - Guenter Nimtz
• Panel: FTL Travel - Guenter Nimtz/Bill Gardiner

Space Medicine I
Track Chair: Michelle Christgen

Sunday, May 27
• Maximizing the Orbital Flight Experience for the Space Traveler - Illing
• Anousheh Ansari FS Support - Moynihen
• NASAR - Howerton
• Closing the ECLSS Loop - McCallum
• Risk Management for Commercial Space - Hamilton
• Human Factors for Vehicle Design for Commercial Space - Smart
• Space Medicine Panel - Various speakers

Space Medicine II
Track Chair: Marshall Gardner

Monday, May 28
• Screening & Training for Possible Issues for Civilian Tourist - Gardner
• Health Threats in Human Spaceflight - Clark
• Space Tourism: Human Factors - Franta

Space Solar Power Workshop
Track Chair: Darel Preble

Saturday, May 26
Detailed programming grid coming soon. Please check back.

Astrosociology, Humanities & Activities
Track Chair: Dr.Sherry Bell

Saturday, May 26
Astrosociology is the scientific study of space issues from a social science perspective.  It focuses on astrosocial phenomena; which refers to human behavior related to space.  The areas of interest and inquiry include: psychological, social, and cultural issues.  This perspective has been absent throughout most of the space age; however, since 2003, it has been growing at an impressive rate.

• Astrosociology: A Developing Field of Significance and Relevance to the Space Community - Pass
• Intergenerational Pathways: Get Along in the Space Age Takes on a New Meaning - Wong
• Establishing Self-Governance: Some First Principles - Kohn
• Earthlings on Mars: The Physiological Psychology of a Cultural Change - Strongin/Reese/Summers 
• Images, Visualization, and Art: Working Toward a More Productive Understanding - Robinson
• Zero Gravity Arts Consortium's Parabolic Flight for Artists - Burgess
• The National Space Society Space Settlement Art Contest - Plaxco
• Imaging Mars: The Process of Digitally Processing Planetary Images - Plaxco

The Solar System Frontier and Beyond

Friday, May 25
• NASA Unmanned Program - Inner Solar System - Strickland
• Extra-olar Planets - Cuntz
• NASA Unmanned Program - Outer Solar System - Strickland
• Using and Obtaining Ice as a Structural Material in Zero G - James
• What Will th Future Bring? - Tumlinson

International Space
Track Chair: Alain Bensoussan

Sunday, May 27
Detailed programming grid coming soon. Please check back.

Youth Programs
Track Chairs: Abigail Plemmons & Cynthia Whisennand

Friday, May 25 through Sunday, May 27
Young Children’s program (Toilet trained ages 3-11)

Fun space activities
Meet and talk with Astronaut Shannon Lucid (Friday only) 

Teen program (Ages 12-17)
Simulated Space Shuttle Missions and other activities
Meet and talk with Astronaut Shannon Lucid (Friday only) 

Space Art Show and Sale
In association with Teresa Patterson and Pegasus Management

• View beautiful space art from a wide variety of artists
• Purchase space art from print shop or silent auction
• Live space art auction 5:45 to 7 pm Sunday, May 27

& More!

• Activities:
• Movies
• Games