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Featured Entrepreneurial Space Companies

The National Space Society is pleased to invite selected entrepreneurial commercial space firms to participate in the Space Venture Finance Symposium on Thursday, May 24 in Dallas.  Invited firms are listed in the program as “Featured Companies” (see below) and may send two senior representatives to the Symposium, where they will receive a prominent place in the program and opportunities to network with potential investors, lenders and financial advisors from the US and international investment community.

Criteria for Selection

Firms have been selected to receive an invitation based on the recommendations of a committee which has reviewed company credentials using publicly available information, as well as inputs received from financial professionals, the entrepreneurial space community, and other interested organizations. The committee also performed a review of recent SBIR awards by NASA to small firms in developing a short list of candidates. The following categories of corporate performance were employed in vetting firms:

*Reputation, maturity and track record of the senior management team
*Technical concept viability, innovation, risk and cost *Demonstrated market viability and size
*Risk management and mitigation approaches
*Proven ability to raise seed, angel or other funding, as well as current cash flow status

Currently seeking equity investors In the interest of showcasing a broad cross section of the commercial space community to potential investors, the committee has sought to expand the traditional “NewSpace” definition to include a wider spectrum of emerging entrepreneurial firms targeting the following example markets:

*NanoSatellite-based communications and asset tracking, *Space-based industrial and university R&D platforms and services,
*Space mission simulation and spacecraft design software, *Life support and environmental systems for space vehicles, *On-orbit refueling and supply stations,
*Reusable launch vehicles (RLVs) and reentry systems, *International Space Station (ISS) resupply and logistics services,
*Ground and air transportation vehicles based on space technologies,
*Medical and life sciences products and services based on space technologies,
*Space-related racing competitions,
*Earth-based space-theme attractions and resorts, *Space-oriented media content firms, and
*Space tourism. A total of approximately 80 entrepreneurial space companies from around the globe were considered for this event. Firms which have not received an invitation are welcome to attend the Symposium as regular event attendees, but are not provided the same level of visibility during the proceedings.

As this is the first time an event of this sort has been organized within the commercial space industry, we would appreciate any feedback from investors or participating firms as to how this can be improved for future conferences. Comments should be sent to the Symposium Chairman, Dr. Burton Lee at [email protected]

Dr. Burton Lee                                Amaresh Kollipara
Chairman                                         Executive Producer

Featured Companies

Orbital Satellite Services Ltd.
Orbital Satellite Services Ltd. (OSSL), United Kingdom
Red Planet Adventures Inc.
Red Planet Adventures Inc., Los Angeles, CA