Space Finance Award

Space Finance Award

The development of a mature, healthy and sustainable commercial space transportation and services infrastructure, which is essential for humanity’s peaceful expansion into the Solar System, requires that space entrepreneurs work closely with innovative, strong and forward-looking leaders of the global finance community.

The NSS Space Finance Award is given to selected individuals and organizations who have demonstrated consistent and significant leadership and innovation in the area of commercial space finance. Examples of contributions which may be recognized by the NSS include the development of new financing mechanisms which promote the emergence and growth of strong and sustainable entrepreneurial space companies; a track record over several years of significant and groundbreaking angel, venture capital, private equity, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions or other commercial space and aerospace investment and finance transactions and deals; and any other similar finance-related contributions deemed of sufficient lasting significance to the US and international commercial space industry by the National Space Society.

Award Winner:
John B. Higginbotham

For sustained innovation and excellence in commercial space finance for over a decade, as demonstrated in his founding of SpaceVest in 1991; raising the first commercial space-focused venture capital investment fund of approximately $270 million; successfully investing these funds in a balanced portfolio of over 50 high technology startup companies so as to promote sound investment and management practices and the continued health and growth of the international commercial space industry; and generally providing unparalleled leadership to the space finance and entrepreneurial space sectors around the globe.

Presented by:
Kirby Ikin, Chairman of the Board, National Space Society
George Whitesides, Executive Director
Dr. Burton Lee, Symposium Chairman