Finance Symposium

Space Venture Finance Symposium

May 24, 2007
Dallas, Texas

Executive Summary

The National Space Society is pleased to announce its upcoming Symposium on Space Venture Finance, to be held in Dallas on May 24 in conjunction with the 26th annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC 2007). This full day Symposium will gather together leaders in the investment and space communities to discuss recent innovations in early- and mid-stage finance within the commercial space, spaceport, satellite and space-related information technology industries.

Target Audience
Participants are expected to represent a wide cross-section of the following communities:

*angel investor networks;
*venture capital and private equity firms;
*investment banks;
*state economic development departments, venture equity funds and spaceport authorities;
*commercial space CEOs and entrepreneurs;
*satellite telecommunications and other space-related information technology firms;
*major aerospace and defense corporations;
*NASA and other space agencies;
*advisors and analysts with institutional investors; and
*space and finance media.

Attendance is expected to include 150 to 200 finance and space professionals from around the United States, Europe and Asia.

Schedule:     8am – 6pm, lunch included
Location:     InterContinental Hotel, Dallas

Registration:     to close on May 14, 2007. Onsite registration will be available on a first come first serve basis.  

Organized by:

The National Space Society

Innovarium Ventures

For further information about the Symposium, please contact Dr. Burton Lee, Chairman, at [email protected] See also the conference website for further information on the ISDC 2007 conference program and list of speakers.