Art Show and Sale

ISDC will host a Space Art Show in conjunction with the ISDC May 25-28 in Dallas TX with setup on Thursday, May 24. The art show will feature space art in many different mediums and are available for purchase. The art show is open daily during regular exhibit hours Fri and Sat 10 AM-7 PM, Sun 10 AM-4 PM. There will be daily art demonstrations in the art show and most pieces in the show are available for bid sale. Items in the attached Print Shop are available for immediate sale.

Additional Information for Art Show Attendees and Buyers:
Items in the Print Shop are available for immediate sale at ISDC.

1. Bidder numbers are required to buy art in the main show. These are available at the main desk in the art show.
2. Written Bidding: All items eligible for sale in the auction have a bid sheet attached to the piece of art.

Included on the bid sheet are:
• The Minimum Bid (The lowest bid the artist will accept)
• When you bid on an item, PRINT your name, bidder number, and bid on the first space available on that item's bid sheet.
• The Quick Sale Price (if the item has no previous bids, you may buy the item outright at this price)
Bidding Hours:  
Bidding can be done anytime during the art show beginning Friday through Saturday.  The auction will be on Sunday, May 27.  The time will be posted in the Art Show area during the Conference.  All items with 3 or more bids will go to the auction.  

1. If you cannot attend the auction, you may assign a "proxy bid" at the art show desk to authorize us to defend your bid.   If you plan on assigning a proxy bid you must use a proxy bid sheet from the art show.  If no one overbids the last bidder on the written bid sheet, that bidder is the buyer.  Please DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO HONOR YOUR BID!  Your written bid is the same as a contract agreeing to buy that item at that price.
2. On Sunday pieces that remain unsold will be available for the After Auction Price only.  All others are considered sold to the highest bidder on the sheet.
3. You may claim purchased art anytime during the show, but all purchases must be claimed by 5 pm on Sunday.  Any buyers who do not collect art they have bid on will have collections procedures instituted against them after the show.
4. No food, drink, smoking or cameras allowed in the art show without special permission.  

Print Shop:
Adjacent to the art show is the print shop featuring limited edition prints from artists in the show. These items are available for the marked price.

Artists Alley:
The Artists Alley is a special area for artists to present merchandise related to their art and is located in the main art exhibition area.  The pieces range from unusual and exotic original jewelry to hand-thrown prints.  The artists themselves will present these and will even personalize many items for you.

Awards will be given for the best art in the show.  Please vote for your favorites!